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Halloween idea

Idea #1
You can carve some truly beautiful and artistic pumpkins freehand, but if you want to create really detailed carvings you'll want to use a pumpkin carving pattern. If you've never carved a pumpkin this way before you may be a bit intimidated, but don't worry, its easier than you think and you'll love the results. You can find all kinds of stencil booklets at retailers during the Halloween season.
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Idea #2
Old tree trunks or cut sections of thick limbs make great stands for your Jack O' Lanterns. halloween_idea_002.jpg (6690 bytes)
Idea #3
Hollow out mini pumpkins and use as votive candle holders. They are inexpensive and look really great, you can even carve faces in them!
Idea #4
Ask your Halloween party guests to bring a carved pumpkin to the party. Set up a special table to display them all on (this will also enhance your party dйcor!)
Idea #5
Serve fresh veggies using a hollowed out pumpkin as a bowl. Cut of the top and clean out, leaving the top in a jagged edge design! Use mini pumpkins to hold dips!
Idea #6
Add the effect of lightning to your haunted house, yard haunt or Halloween party with the Lightning Machine from Haunted Creations. This unit realistically simulates the effects of both thunder and lightning! Read all about it in the lighting section at:
The Yard Haunter
Idea #7
Use clear food handlers plastic gloves to freeze ice hands to throw in the punch bowl. It will keep it cold and look great!
Idea #8
For an eerie effect, hang glow-in-the-dark bats, skeletons and spiders from the ceilings and trees! Write scary Halloween messages or body outlines on your front walk using colored chalk or washable fluorescent paint. Use a black lights to enhance the effect. Black Light Magic - Halloween Magazine
Idea #9
Treating your kids to a spooky Halloween dinner will make them less likely to eat the candy they collect before you have a chance to check it for them. Check here for some recipes for main dishes using pumpkins!
Idea #10
Create creepy autumn centerpieces by filling vases with dried flowers, brown leaves, and empty branches. Tie a black ribbon bow around each centerpiece.
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